Saturday, June 13, 2009

Web Round Up Want to lower your environmental footprint without going vegetarian? Start by getting rid of the excess packaging in convenience foods (not to mention the preservatives and other chemicals!) and start cooking. Trent provides a few tips on getting started in the kitchen An interesting look at the impact our meat choices have on the environment. I'm not sure if flying kangaroo in from Australia would be lower impact than eating homegrown beef. I think I'll be looking for a few vegetarian alternatives. Jacob at earlyretirementextreme talks about how to live without spending much money. This post could just as easily have been called How to Live With Less Environmental Impact. JD uses Fuelly to track his mileage for financial purposes. I track my mileage on a spreadsheet for the same reason, and so that I can notice if something's going wrong with my car. As a result of the data we've collected, we've switched to using my car instead of my husband's when we can, despite the fact that his car is four years newer! Better mileage = less gas = less gas expenses = less emissions! Maybe I should switch to Fuelly to see how we compare to other drivers.

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