Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Waste Friday

This Friday's post is a little later than last week because I was called in to supply teach today, with a whole 20 minutes notice to get to a school that's 45 minutes away! Let me tell you...grade 8's at the end of the school year on a Friday go a little crazy.

Every Friday I'll be posting a picture of any food that's being thrown out in our house that week. Kristen at The Frugal Girl started Food Waste Friday a while ago. The idea is that by tracking the waste weekly you'll be more aware of the food you have and will hopefully remember to use it before it needs to be thrown out. I think it's helping - I made heroic efforts to use up the cherries and strawberries mentioned in last week's post before they went bad. :)

This week looks bad, but the trail mix, sunflower seeds, peanuts are all from a long time ago. I found them when I was looking for trail mix for our hike. This stuff was too far gone to use, but I did find some newer trail mix that I now know to use before it gets too old! The bags have a pepper that's growing mold and some wild plants I picked to use for salad and didn't use all of (dandelions, violets and trout lilies). The plastic container is some couscous salad I bought from a local market that looked a lot better than it tasted. Once again, all the food went into the compost, the plastic container was recycled and the bags went into the trash. The bags going into the trash bothers me the most...I'm going to have to find a way to avoid that, and it would happen even if I wasn't wasting the food.

Check out the other Food Waste Friday participants in the side bar of The Frugal Girl. She's having the kind of food waste week I aspire hope to reach!


  1. I hope you didnt throw away the trail mix. I'm sure the squirrels/birds would have loved it.

  2. I didn't even think of the birds :( And there's a place not too far from my house where the chickadees will come to your hand! But I think some of the trail mix I thought was still good might taste a little too old now...if that's the case I'm saving it for the squirrels/birds instead of the compost. Thanks