Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday I'll be posting a picture of any food that's being thrown out in our house that week. Kristen at The Frugal Girl started Food Waste Friday a while ago. The idea is that by tracking the waste weekly you'll be more aware of the food you have and will hopefully remember to use it before it needs to be thrown out.

This week I've got an entire loaf of bread, and the remains of some whipping cream. I'm annoyed by the bread since I picked it up on the reduced rack at the grocery store, but when I opened it at home there were moldy spots on all the pieces. :( I'm getting closer to zero waste...maybe next week!


  1. It is so frustrating to find that you have bought bad food!

  2. Hiya, bread and cream are common offenders. How annoying about the bread being bad already. The you are left with the disposal of it. I think this is great for a week's waste when you consider what most families throw out. Well done!

    Mrs Green from

  3. I have a feeling that's the last time I buy off the reduced rack at that store! Actually, I'd like to start making my own bread again so I can avoid the plastic storage. :)