Saturday, June 6, 2009

Web Round Up

I'm still working on the cherries and strawberries, but I'm confident they won't show up on next week's Food Waste Friday. It's been a busy weekend already, with a HUGE community wide yard sale in my area. I can see a post on the eco-ness of yard sales coming up. :) Meanwhile, here's a few of the interesting articles I've read this week around the web. Is there anything Google can't do? Currently in Beta test with a few power providers, Google is going to give you the ability to see exactly how much power your house is using at any time, from any computer with internet access! You need to have a smart meter installed, and your electricity provider has to be on-board. The only Canadian company in the beta test is Toronto HydroElectric, but I've signed up for the email announcements to find out when this will be available for all. Doughroller looks at a few gadgets to help cut power costs. I've never used the thermal leak detector, but I love my programmable thermostat and the Kill A Watt tool. Can you be stylish and green without breaking the bank? Angela at My Year Without Spending says yes and proves it by featuring pictures of her readers wearing stylish second hand outfits.

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