Monday, June 22, 2009

Giving up Pop

A bit ago I wrote about how I felt that reducing was better than recycling. Looking around my house, there are a few single-use items that shouldn't be part of my lifestyle. Like pop (coke/pepsi). I don't feel too bad about the cans, since I do recycle everything, but reducing would have an even lower eco-footprint. The ecological impact wasn't enough to change my habits on its own. The fact that I noticed I was getting caffeine headaches if I went a day without pop wasn't enough to change my habits. Put the two facts together, and I'm motivated to get pop out of my house. Since a single can seems to have around 10 teaspoons of sugar I'm sure my teeth will thank me for kicking the habit as well.

I've never gotten into drinking tea or coffee but I have had a problem with caffeine addiction through pop before. I know that in three or four days I won't have the headaches anymore, the real problem will be in breaking the actual habit of having a can of pop. Until a few months ago pop was reserved as a treat, but somehow I ended up in the habit of one a day, even if I wasn't really craving a coke. If there's anything sillier than drinking a bunch of empty calories with no nutritional value simply for the sake of a habit.... Since this isn't my first time quitting pop, obviously restricting myself to moderation doesn't work - it sneaks back in slowly. So, from here on out, no more pop at home. I'll still allow some if we're out at a restaurant, but I won't be buying more for home use. At home I plan on replacing pop with water, and some juice. The planet will thank me, my pocketbook will thank me, and my body will thank me!


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  2. For me, the only way I don't get into the habit of drinking pop is to not keep it in the house. As well, in the summer I sometimes jazz up water by adding lemon or lime wedges, or fresh herbs from my plants. Mint is obviously good, but basil (especially thai or lemon basil) adds a unique and fragrant twist.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I have a bunch of mint growing in the backyard, and now I know what to use it for!