Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Green Product: Glass Straws

I'm all about being green, but I'm not sure I'd go this far to eliminate my use of plastics. Introducing the GlassDharma, the green alternative to the plastic drinking straw. The idea of trading in plastic straws for a straw made of glass....is it really that much greener? Even though we'd be reducing by re-using a glass straw, the resources that go into making the glass straw, the specialized cleaning brush, and the protective case (hemp or bamboo) along with the fact that you have to clean the straw after every use.....you've got to remember that that all takes energy, even if it's not petroleum based.

I like to use a straw at least as much as the next person - some drinks just taste better through a straw, though I can never convince my husband of that fact! However, if I ever get concerned enough with the environmental impact of my straw usage, I think I'll just start cutting back instead of switching to a glass straw. :)

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  1. Straws - I was using 5 a week while ordering lunches and about five more for drinks on the go, figure in even more: one per cocktail in a club and serving more at parties. My one reusable glass straw (GlassDharma straws are the strongest) = over 500 plastic "disposable" straws a year... that's just one person!
    I decided this is my last straw! :)