Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food Waste Friday - on Sunday!

Sorry for the lateness of Food Waste Friday, it's been a busy weekend so far!

I'm not too disappointed in my waste this week. There's a bit of Chilean Dal, which might have still been ok, but frankly I've eaten a lot of it and it wasn't that great to start with. There's also some celery. We have a real problem using celery up before it goes bad. We do a bit better if we clean and chop it all at once, but even then we just end up with some cleaned and chopped celery going slimy in a pool of water.

I am going to be doing something to reduce waste tonight though. It's the start of the massive garbage nights in my area, when you can throw out as much and as large an item as you want to. Which means it's also time to see about a Landfill Rescue! I'll let you know if I find anything.


  1. If you really think you're gonna have trouble using up celery, chop it and put it into a ziploc bag and freeze it. It will still be good in soups and such, which is often where celery gets used anyways.

  2. Check out & Vote for this great idea on @quirky: "I have designed a garbage/compost can. The garbage can consists of 1 Bag To Earth Bag on the side, and on the top 1 regular garbage bag."