Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Waste Friday

Alas, my streak is at an end. I was hoping to have another photo free week for Food Waste Friday, but when I went downstairs to get some onion for a sandwich I found out there was definitely going to be food waste this week.

Here we have most of a bag of onions that have gone soft and mushy. And kind of brown on the inside. I salvaged a couple, but the bag was a goner. I didn't think they were that old, but I made the classic mistake of storing my onions near the potatoes, which may have contributed to the speed of going bad.

I almost had some vegetable to add to the photo today, but a timely post at The Simple Dollar reminded me that I should throw leftover vegetables into a freezer container and just make a soup when it gets full. We'll see how that works out. :) I also managed to use up the last of the mushrooms and green onions today, inspired by the fact that I didn't want to take a picture!

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  1. Thanks for the tip about onions being stored near potatoes; I never knew that and I;ll be bearing it in mind.

    It would be great to use up left over frozen veggies for soup, although knowing me I would forget about those too and they'd end up with freezer burn LOL!

    We had a pear that had gone furry in the 'fridge this week :(

    Mrs Green from