Saturday, July 4, 2009

Web Round Up

It's been a busy week around our house, two weddings and a baby shower! However, there's still been a few interesting articles from around the web this week. I think the first two in particular show the importance of really thinking about the moves we make to make our lives greener. Being labeled environmental or green doesn't always make something the best choice. This guy is powering his iPod using an onion and an energy drink. He claims it's green because the onion is compostable and the energy drink bottle recycled. I'm not convinced that the energy used to grow and transport the onion, not to mention make the bottle, energy drink, transport to store and recycle the bottle is less than what would be required to create the small amount of electricity needed to charge an iPod. Cool, yes, but green? I doubt it (but if he's got hard data, I'd be willing to look at it). A fascinating look at the effect dolphin-safe tuna has on the rest of the marine life. Not only is the article interesting, the commenters offer some well-reasoned responses. I've often wondered about becoming a one car family. I'm not sure it's worth selling a car since neither of our cars are worth much, but it'd be interesting to run the numbers and find out if we could live on one car. I like that Canadian Dream is estimating about $4K to run his car, instead of the $9K suggested by other articles...I'm certain we don't spend $9K per car, even taking in the original cost of purchasing the car!

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